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Geoffrey Matthew

Whilst waiting for a new site to be built, high street estate agents, Geoffrey Matthew Estates, wanted a quick fix to rank on page one of search engines. With competition high, they knew it was critical for them to be featuring, at least, on the first page to keep momentum strong.

As paid advertising was something that they had never explored, we set up Geoffrey Matthew Estates with an account and began by delving into research. We decided to keep core keywords very focused and specific while including location based variations to cover all bases. It was also imperative to make it possible to refine over time with split testing. Sitelink extensions were set up to each of the landing pages on the website to the adverts, which helped to increase the size and visibility of the ads while offering more ways for users to interact with their business. 

Geoffrey Matthew
Date Created
May 1, 2020
Estate Agent
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Website Development & Design