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Daley Car Buyers

Brief: were looking to launch their new online business within a month. They required a website to act as an online hub for their business transactions and a lead generation channel delivering into that hub. is a Sussex-based website startup that allows people to sell their car quickly and easily via the Internet. The company commissioned Knaq to develop an effective website and marketing campaign to generate new sales leads. In this case study, we outline how we created a user-focused website in just two weeks that exceeded client requirements and delivered 7 to 10 additional leads per day almost immediately after the initial marketing campaign was implemented.

The Aim

The primary objectives of this project were:

  • The development of a user-friendly website to generate a constant stream of new enquiries for their business, initially aiming for 10 new leads per day.
  • The website was to be easy to understand and effective at converting visitors into sales prospects. It must function correctly on all device types.
  • Website design and marketing campaigns need to play a key role in the delivery and conversion of additional sales leads.

Since the deadline for delivery of the project was ambitious, we needed to get the website online and trading as quickly as possible — without cutting corners or compromising on quality. Below is an outline of how we achieved this.

What We Did

Step 1: Started website design

The first step we took was website design and development. Since the deadline for delivery was tight, we quickly set about creating an attractive draft design for a landing page. This was to act as the focus for the lead generation efforts. The aim was to design a site that converted casual visitors into prospects and customers.

We created a user-friendly layout that maximised user engagement and enabled fast website loading. Once the design was agreed upon, our development team ensured the design was responsive and functioned on all devices (computer, laptop, smartphone, and tablet). Checking the website worked on all types of devices was important to reach the widest market possible.

As part of the website development, we implemented a bold ‘car valuation’ search feature as the centrepiece of the website home page. This acted as the primary call to action, enticing visitors to enter their car registration number to receive an instant valuation. We foresaw this as being key to capturing leads from interested visitors.

Step 2: Two weeks later: completed website design

Despite a challenging timeframe for delivery, our flexible approach allowed us to make significant progress on the project. We completed the design in 2 weeks. By utilising agile development methods, we started work on multiple areas of the design project at once to ensure we met the client’s deadline. The result was a clean, user-friendly and attractive website that delivered on the aims and objectives set.

Step 3: Commenced market research

We conducted market research using a range of online tools to judge the potential audience we could target. Part of this research involved assessing competitor websites to gain insights into their marketing and website development efforts. We looked at search volume, plus demographics and interests on social media sites.

DaleyCarBuyers required leads fast, and we already knew that large social sites like Facebook could deliver vast amounts of traffic. We utilised the functionality in the Facebook advertising control panel to examine the possible cost and potential effectiveness of a targeted Facebook marketing campaign.

Step 4: Set up Facebook marketing

The company wanted to begin marketing the website as soon as it went live. We advised how advertising on Facebook would generate instant traffic to their website. We also discussed how this platform could reach their perfect target market through the precise targeting of people based on demographics and interests.

Several adverts were created and set to appear on Facebook. The aim was to entice Facebook users to click through to the DaleyCarBuyers website and request a car valuation. We used different versions of advertisements so we could test the most effective variations and generate the maximum number of leads.

Step 5: Start of Facebook marketing campaign.

As part of our service, we agreed on a daily advertising budget, then we scheduled the Facebook adverts for rollout. We also implemented Google Analytics to help us track visitors and leads. This gave us valuable insights into the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. Regular monitoring ensured the best ROI for the client.

Step 6: Advertising management

Once our carefully crafted Facebook advertisements started appearing online, we began to see a steady stream of new enquiries within hours. We found that our market research was very effective in helping us target key prospects across the social network. The conversion rate was high due to the usability of the website.

We continued to maintain and keep a close eye on the Facebook advertising campaigns, making tweaks to campaign imagery and text to ensure maximum ROI. Our team also made use of advanced reporting tools in Facebook and Google Analytics to track visitors and leads so they could be reported to the client.

The Results

Despite a challenging timeframe for delivery, Knaq delivered excellent results for DaleyCarBuyers in as little as 2 weeks.

Our careful planning and swift execution ensured an attractive, fully functional website, Facebook advertising campaign, and delivery of new sales leads.

The summary of our results can be seen below:

  • An interactive, responsive website designed purposely for the user. We created the website to full specification and from scratch in just 2 weeks.
  • Market research to gain valuable insights from competitors, plus audience research to judge the potential effectiveness of online advertising.
  • Design and implementation of Facebook adverts. We commenced our Facebook marketing campaign immediately after website completion.
  • Delivery of between 7 and 10 sales leads per day in the first two weeks. Increased advertising spend will boost this considerably.
  • Excellent ROI for the client. We met all of the client’s main objectives and continue to work with them to maximise their lead generation efforts.


In a short space of time, we delivered a fully functional website for DaleyCarBuyers, set up a managed Facebook advertising campaign, and generated dozens of sales leads within the first few weeks. The client did not have to worry about the process or have any real technical knowledge.

Our experts took care of everything, from advising on design layouts, selecting the best marketing channel, and ensuring the client gained the best return on their investment. We intend to deliver even more sales leads with increased Facebook advertising management while bolstering advertising spend to maximise results.

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Date Created
February 15, 2021
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