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Burgess Hill Con Club


Burgess Hill Constitutional Club (BHCC) is a social club based in the town of Burgess Hill in West Sussex. The organisation approached Knaq to help them embrace digital technology and engage more effectively with their membership.

While BHCC is a well-established local organisation, communications with members and non-members were outdated and struggled to convey key messages and club benefits. The existing website was also in need of a complete overhaul.

In this case study, we show how we revolutionised the club’s internal and external communications using measurable, data-driven techniques, including social media and e-mail marketing to boost member and non-member engagement.

We also completely redeveloped the website to enhance the organisation’s brand and act as a central hub for communications. Other digital marketing methods, such as digital PR, were also used to bolster the club’s visibility and online reach.

The Aim

The primary objectives of this project were:

  • To improve communication channels and engagement with existing BHCC members by utilising e-mail marketing, social media, and blog posts.
  • To enhance external communications and drive new member registrations and bookings for the club’s facilities using different digital marketing methods.
  • To establish a well-maintained database of non-member enquiries with automated email response sequences to bolster bookings and registrations.
  • To design and distribute a monthly e-mail newsletter to promote new and existing events, plus give reminders and other membership updates.
  • To manage social media accounts and create regular content that meets the requirements of members, non-members, and other stakeholders.
  • To overhaul the existing website and enhance the club’s branding to give the organisation a more modern visual appearance.

What We Did

Step 1: Redesigned the website and enhanced branding

The first stage of the project was to redesign the existing website and enhance the branding. This build process took approximately 4 weeks. Before the redesign, the website appeared tired and dated. It did not facilitate communication with members particularly well or entice new members to join the organisation. To remedy this, we developed an attractive, mobile-friendly website that was to act as a central communications hub for members and non-members. This included adding innovative new features to allow members to read club news and announcements — including a photo gallery for members to submit their photos of events held at the club. This feature was seen as a vital component as part of the drive to attract new member sign-ups. More intuitive registration calls to action were also included.

Step 2: Set up e-mail marketing platform and designed newsletter

Once the website was fully developed, we set up the e-mail marketing system and created a member database so the club could announce important events and club news. This involved designing an attractive newsletter template to communicate the club’s messages. The template was created with a design based on the organisation’s new branding to ensure consistency. We also created notification templates for non-members with automated email response sequences. Our first member e-mail communication was to announce the new website and give further details on when the club planned to re-open post Covid-19 restrictions.

Step 3: Stated the management of social media content

Lastly, we started work on a new, ongoing social media campaign for BHCC. The intention was to create more structured and regular posts to encourage familiarity and engagement with members and non-members. In the first instance, we set up a range of social media accounts on suitable platforms, namely Facebook and Twitter. We then began a series of engaging posts to enhance participation and spread the word about new events and the club’s facilities. We continue to perform regular and consistent social media account management.

The Results

The work Knaq completed on BHCC’s online presence has resulted in a significant improvement to internal and external communications. The new website has created a central hub packed with information and imagery geared towards the existing membership and interested parties who want to find out more about the club’s range of facilities. It is now easier for visitors to join and non-members to make enquiries, either via the website or by using the various social media accounts.

The summary of our results can be seen below:

  • We completely revamped the existing website and overhauled the organisation’s online presence, giving it a brighter, more friendly appearance. The mobile-ready website has revolutionised member communications and better facilitates new member registrations with a bold call to action.
  • Consistent social media communications have increased member engagement, while also expanding the reach of the club to non-members. This has significantly increased enquiries related to booking club facilities, helping to increase footfall within the club from members and non-members.
  • The organisation’s social media accounts continue to gather new followers and ‘likes’, helping to spread the club’s messages within the local community and further afield. With our consistent messaging, engagement on social platforms has increased considerably, with many new direct enquiries.
  • The fully managed e-mail newsletter has ensured more regular communications for those members who tend to utilise e-mail over social media. The enquiry database with automatic sequence responses has reinforced the organisation’s messaging for non-members and increased the number of bookings for the various club facilities.
  • With fresh branding and a new website, the club now appeals to a broader range of demographics. Part of this drive has been the use of social media and e-mail marketing to reinforce the organisation’s key messages and promote the advantages of membership alongside non-member bookings.


The work completed by Knaq on BHCC’s branding and website has revitalised the organisation’s image and visibility within Burgess Hill and the surrounding area. Internal and external communications are now far more effective and utilise a range of channels to maximise member and non-member engagement while bolstering bookings and new member registrations. Knaq has achieved the aim of transforming the website into a central hub and continues to drive new enquiries to the club.

“BH Con Club is by definition all about being a social hub for the local community. With the club being closed due to the pandemic, it became very clear to them that they had very limited access to communicating with members if they weren’t walking through the door and engaging face to face. This is when they realised the need to open new channels of communication, not only for members but also for reaching potential new members. We came in with a very clear action plan of creating new channels through social media, digital pr content and email marketing, all leading back to a new website which acts as the central information hub.”

– Anthony Parkins, Director at Knaq Digital.

Burgess Hill Con Club
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June 5, 2021
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