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The Natural Pool Company

The natural pool company is a company born from a passion for natural swimming, focussing on the construction and maintenance of no-chemical and low-chemical swimming pools. Krystian, the founder, has been in the pool industry most of his working life and has built beautiful, chemical-free pools all over Europe. He spent years working in the south of France where he picked up a vast amount of knowledge from the second-largest pool industry in the world.

The natural pool companys’ focus has been to bring the feel of wild swimming (or its closest approximation) into the domestic and commercial pool market whilst realizing each individual client’s desires. We work hand in hand with an array of local companies including a garden designer who specializes in aquatic plants and poolscapes, sustainable building companies and the most cutting edge filtration companies throughout Europe.

Knaq created a website to showcase all their work, both overseas and in the UK. We also continue to manage their Website, Social Media and Blog Content.   

The Natural Pool Company
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January 1, 2023
Construction – Swimming Pools, Saunas
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