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Content (Plus)
This plan includes 2 blog articles per month that are 500 words each. The blogs will be written out by one of our content experts and checked for quality by another expert. All blogs written by our team are 100% original and can help rank your clients’ websites pages higher and attract more visitors.
+ £0.00/setup


2 Articles

Our team will write 2 articles per month for your clients. All content written by our team is 100% original. The content will be sent to you for approval before posting.

Topic Generation

Our team will research and generate different topics related to the clients' industries. These topics will be sent to you for approval before the blogs are written.

Licensed Stock Images

Our team has access to a library of licensed stock images that we will use as the featured images for each one of the blogs written.

6 Point Inspection

All our content is put through a 6 point inspection before being sent for approval, we look spelling, grammar, clarity, engagement, originality, and more.

Quality Assurance Audit

After our writers generate the content and pass inspection, the content is sent to our quality assurance team to go through one more pass of checks.

Posting to Website

Once our content team receives approval for the post, our posting team will go ahead and post the blog to the clients' website, as long as proper access is there.


Content Monthly

500 Word Article
2 Articles
Topic Generation
Topic Research
Licenced Stock Images
6 Point Inspection
Quality Assurance Audit
Posting to Website


When does work begin on the content?
Work on content begins right after the purchase of the service, most times within 24 business hours of the time the service is purchased. The initial work on the account will include topic selection and approval, composing the first piece(s) of content, and sending over to the partner for approval.
Is DashClicks content SEO optimized?
The content team considers SEO when writing content. Before publishing, our team makes sure SEO is incorporated on the post. If you are receiving SEO services along with content services, our SEO team would perform additional optimizations on the content pieces after they are approved and published.
How does content fulfillment work? What can I expect? Types of content?

Content fulfillment works in a few easy steps:
1. Completion of the onboarding documents by the partner/client
2. Our team of specialists will review the onboarding documents
3. The DashClicks team will send you a list of topics to be approved (typically, it will be around 20 topics and they will ask for you to approve 10 of those topics)
4. Once topics are selected, our team will be able to begin working on the blog posts
5. The blogs will be sent to you for approval as they are ready and you will either need to give it a thumbs up, resend the blog with corrections, or request for us to make some revisions
6. Once we receive final approval, we will go ahead and post the blog on the site (if we have the proper website access)
Only one round of revisions will be allowed per blog article. If our team writes a blog article and either you or the client has changed their minds regarding the topic used to write the blog, we will not be able to rewrite for another blog article.
Our content team only writes one type of content, blogs. We do not perform content expansions on websites, content alterations, service page content, location page content, etc. If the client is receiving SEO services, we may recommend adding content or creating pages with content, which would be the responsibility of you, the partner, or the client to complete if the intent is to complete the recommended actions.

Will content be delivered at the same time?
If a specific client is receiving multiple blogs per month (2 or more), all the blogs will be delivered for review at the same time. This is due to our streamlined internal process. After the content is approved for posting, we do not have to schedule the blogs to be published at the same time though. We can schedule the blogs to be posted one week apart or at another time interval if requested.
How does topic selection work?

The first time content topics are sent to you by the DashClicks team, you should receive about 20 different topics to choose from and the option to select 10 of those. Once the DashClicks content team is close to depleting all the topics, we will reach out to you again and ask for more
Depending on the content marketing service and amount of content your client is getting per month, will determine how often we need to reach out to you to get more topics approved. The higher the plan and the more content that is written for the client, the more frequent our team will need to reach out to you to get content topics approved.
If the DashClicks team reaches out to you, the partner, several times about topic selection and you are unresponsive, we will proceed to select topics on your behalf and write content based on those topics. These topics will be selected by our team based on feedback provided in the onboarding docs submitted and/or information we find on the client’s website.
Please note, you can still provide us with approved topics whenever available. The blogs we write based on unapproved topics due to lack of communication will be final (aside for slight modifications to the existing blog). You will not be able to have the blog swapped for another blog based on a different topic.

What happens when/if the service is cancelled?
If and when the content service is cancelled, you will receive whatever is owed to the client for that billing cycle. Work will stop being fulfilled only after the end of the billing cycle. If for some reason there are other blog articles that were late/pending and were never sent out, you are still owed those blogs and it will be the DashClicks team’s duty to make sure you receive everything that is owed to that client for those months of active service.
Can we make changes to a blog after it’s posted? If yes, how?

After the DashClicks content team publishes a blog on a client’s website, that ends the involvement of the DashClicks’ team for that specific post. If later on you or the client would like to make any changes to that blog, that responsibility would fall on your end. Depending on the platform used for posting the blog (DashClicks builder, WordPress, etc.), this should not be too complicated and help documents can be provided to you upon request if necessary.

What if I’m not satisfied with the content?
If you or the client are not satisfied with a piece of content that has been provided to you by the DashClicks team, you can request one rewrite for that specific topic. There are some exceptions to this though, for example, if the content team writes a blog article based on a topic that was selected by our team due to lack of communication on the partner’s end, we would not be able to rewrite based on disapproval of the topic. Rewrites are limited to content pieces with approved topics that just missed the mark completely. Again, only ONE rewrite per blog article will be permitted.
Can I provide topics for the blogs I want written?
Yes. Along with approving some of the blog topics that we generate for the client, it is no problem for us to write articles based on some topics you or the client generated.
Do you also handle blog posting (to the site)?
The DashClicks content team will handle posting as long as the site being posted to is using an easy to use CMS (content management system, like the DashClicks website builder, WordPress, etc.). If the site is custom built and requires a knowledgeable developer to post to the site, that would fall outside of the scope of what our content team would be able to do. In that case, we would provide you, the partner, the post and you would need to work with the client and possibly a developer to get the posts published on the site.
Why do you need my website’s backend credentials?
Website credentials are necessary for us to post approved blog articles to the website. In the case of content marketing, that is all that will be done by the DashClicks content team. If backend credentials are not provided to our team, we can write the content and send to you for publishing.
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