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Engine Carbon Clean South East


Engine Carbon Clean South East (ECC) is a ‘car engine detox’ service based in Sussex. The company uses hydrogen technology to remove the build-up of carbon deposits in car engines, helping them run smoother and more efficiently. The business contacted Knaq to help them revitalise an existing Facebook campaign and restart their lead generation efforts. In this case study, we show how we created a new website and revamped the company’s Facebook ads with great success, boosting leads within the first month and delivering additional high-quality leads in just 2 months while cutting the cost per click (CPC) by nearly 50%.

The Aim

The primary objectives of this project were:

  • To take an existing Facebook advertising campaign and rejuvenate it to increase the quantity and quality of leads while keeping on budget.
  • To design a clean, easy-to-use company website that details the USPs of the service and facilitates effective lead capture.
  • To provide ongoing Facebook ads management to sustain and improve the company’s lead generation.
  • To research and write informative blog posts for the company to attract new leads from search engines with targeted keywords.
  • To continually work to improve the ROI for the client’s advertising spend.

ECC ran Facebook ads in-house and initially generated some promising results, capturing several leads via Facebook Messenger. Unfortunately, the number of leads slowed down and eventually dried up over time. To counteract this, we revamped the Facebook ads campaign and launched a new website. This combined approach vastly improved leads while keeping within the client’s budget.

What We Did

Step 1: Corrected existing Facebook ads

In the first instance, we examined the existing Facebook ads the client was using and designed an improved campaign. We created a new set of Facebook ads and suggested targeting improvements that could be implemented quickly. The aim was to generate an initial boost of leads via Facebook Messenger while a company website and a more permanent strategy were developed. The campaign was set to run for 1 month.

Step 2: Started work on a new ads campaign

Two weeks later, we started developing a new, fine-tuned Facebook ads campaign to direct users to the newly developed website. The ads were set to target anyone within 50 miles of Haywards Heath who had an interest in cars. We used two versions of copy, enabling us to split-test the adverts. We also tested and continually monitored other relevant targeting options, such as demographics and device type. Two video-based adverts were created, one of them with a Doodle explainer video. The aim was to persuade interested prospects to contact ECC. As part of the campaign, several ads would run in tandem to determine the best strategy. This involved using different formats, imagery, videos, and variations of text.

Step 3: Launched website & new ads campaign

While working on improving the Facebook ads campaign, it became clear that a new website would be key to long-term success. Previously, the client received all enquiries via Facebook Messenger. While the method to collect leads worked with moderate success, it was not a viable solution to expand the business. We launched the newly-designed website, purpose-built to maximise leads with an easy-to-use contact form to collect customer enquiries. We also started the new fine-tuned Facebook ads campaign. This time, users would be directed to the new website as opposed to Facebook Messenger.

Step 4: Ongoing management of Facebook ads

We continue to actively manage ECC’s Facebook ads campaign, comparing past performance and identifying any areas for improvement. This includes ongoing analysis of the targeting options and research to discover new opportunities. We continue to keep a close eye on campaign data to ensure our managed advertisements are delivering high-quality leads and positive ROI for the client.

Step 5: Research and writing of targeted blog posts

As part of our campaign to increase visitor traffic to the website, we created a number of industry-specific blog posts for EEC. The aim was to inform readers and persuade them to purchase the car engine detox service. This process also involved performing keyword research, enabling us to focus our written articles to target specific search queries on engines like Google and Bing.

The Results

The work Knaq conducted on ECC’s Facebook ads has rejuvenated their campaign and continues to deliver a steady stream of new enquiries. We have improved the fortunes of the business considerably with a fresh flow of regular leads and an improving conversion rate. All this has been achieved within a 2-month timeframe.

The summary of our results can be seen below:

  • The initial improvements to the existing Facebook ads campaign reached 27,479 users and generated an extra 44 leads. These leads were sent directly to ECC via Facebook Messenger. This was a noticeable improvement in responses within a short space of time, giving the firm a significant boost.
  • Once the new website was launched and a new Facebook ads campaign implemented, we generated 314 new website visits in March, an increase from 248 visits in February. We also nearly halved the Facebook ads CPC rate from £0.38 to £0.16, providing the client with an improved ROI.
  • During the Facebook campaign, we noticed our ‘Doodle explainer’ video was underperforming, reaching only 76 people, while our alternative video reached 9,394 people. This data provided useful insights and enabled us to re-balance advertising spend to maximise reach while keeping within budget.
  • Our analysis of the Facebook advertising data showed 96% of enquiries were from men aged between 25 and 44 years. We intend to further focus our advertising efforts to more effectively target this demographic.
  • The gradual output of new blog posts has resulted in a steady uplift in visitor numbers. We intend to further develop this strategy in future.


In just a 2-month timeframe, we have significantly improved ECC’s lead generation efforts with a new website and fine-tuned Facebook ads campaign. Measurable results were seen within the first 2 weeks once initial improvements were made. The development of a new website, informative blog posts, and ongoing advertising management should continue to bolster leads in the short to medium-term. See the positive feedback we received from ECC:

“I was having trouble with the performance of my Facebook Ads and I knew I needed some professional help to get them working. Knaq came in and quickly got things up and running again. More importantly, they have also been able to recommend and action new digital sales channels, meaning I am no longer solely reliant on Facebook Ads – which is a real weight off my mind.”

Mark Ormanroyd, Owner of Engine Carbon Clean South East.

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July 5, 2021
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